Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I don't know if anyone noticed, but alamatcomics.com was offline for awhile. Well, we're back online. (Finally paid the bill, he he he). Nothing new in the site, I'm afraid. Soon. Soon.

Now, on to the new stuff online.

Found Jim Lee's blog. I think it's Jim Lee's blog. It has his pictures and art, but other guys from Wildstorm are also posting their artworks. Check it for some behind the scenes fun.

Comic Quest also now has a blog and mailing list. (Now, if only Mike can set-up a text alert to tell me the new stuff has arrived... or a service that would let me reserve and pay for my comic books just by texting!)

Jason's uploaded a whole bunch of his comic book stories and you can all read it for FREE! Wheee!

Time magazine columnist Andrew Arnold reviews the new French-Japanese comic book connection, which you to French comic book artist Frederic Boilet's "Nouvelle Manga Manifesto." How long before someone tries to writes a Pinoy Manga Manifesto. Ooops. Should I really have said that? :-) Me and my big mouth.

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