Thursday, November 29, 2001

still here

thank god starbucks opens at 630am
damn... they've got good donuts
or maybe i'm just hungry
they're corned beef pandesal could use more corned beef

and since i'm car banned
i can't take the car home til 7pm
si even if i do get to go home by lunch time
i'll still have to come back for my car

bad trip

wasn't able to get my fix
the new stuff arrived
also wanted to check out the new Catwoman
oh well
maybe tomorrow

getting my coffee
and yes, it's brewed

not yet finished
not yet done

ho! ho! ho!
merry christmas

still at office

need coffee
want it brewed
only got instant

want food
pancake house

mmmmmmmm... spammmmmmm

brain stopd
just trying to jump start it
think of other things
look at other things
before going back tow rite all that stuff


Tuesday, November 27, 2001

The Golden Boy

I am very proud to announce that Brandie won 2 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards, and several Bronze Awards in the recent Araw Awards helds at the 17th Philippine Ad Congress.

He received those awards for his work on Pizza Hut, Dimensione, and Argentina.

Congratulations Brandie!!! Yeah!!!


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