Monday, February 10, 2003

For 40 cents I can create the illusion that you are here.

And I can say hi, I miss you, what time will you be home, I'm making meatloaf for dinner so you better not be late, I love you, see you tonight.

It's just a silly game we play, pretending you’re somewhere in this city, that I will see you in four hours instead of four years.

40 cents won't make the oceans contract or the continents move. Heck, 40 days of prayers wouldn't change the distance between me and you. But for 40 cents, I can have you so near I can hear your voice in my ear (closing my eyes, it's as if you were beside me).

Give me your spare minutes like spare change jangling in your days, I'm a beggar for your love.

From the journal of Shiloah Matic
Writer / Globe IDD user
Her boyfriend, Russel Antonio, is currently studying in the U.S.

* * * * * * *

Shiloah wrote this in her blog around a year ago. I loved it so much that I bookmarked it. When we were asked to make a Valentine's Day ad for Globe's IDD service, I remembered her journal entry. I passed it to my art director, who made several studies, putting Shiloah in different situations, different scenarios.

We presented it client. They liked it but wanted to edit it because they we're afraid people might not read it. We said, that if we edited it too much, we'd loose the essence of what Shiloah wrote and it would up being another mushy ad. At the end, client gave us a go signal after they made one of the people in the office look the ad and she cried after reading it.

Glad to know that romance is forever in the air.



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